Be coached by Todd Cahoon, a working actor...

  • who has over 100 professional film, TV and stage credits. 

  • who has starred, reoccurred, guest starred, co-starred, featured, supported and led in some of the biggest hits on television and at the box office. 

  • who has studied with some of the greatest teachers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York,  Boston and London. 

  • who has a BFA degree in acting and theatre studies (directing) from The Boston University Conservatory. 

  • who has over 22 years of professional experience! 


More importantly, be mentored by a coach...

  • who has crafted his own professional and personal experiences into a simple career-changing, life-altering, process. 

  • who can help you book!

  • who can help you grow exponentially as an actor and person!! 



What you can expect?

  • Individual, personal, effective coaching and mentoring from a working actor.

  • To work and not sit around in another class watching more unemployed actors and teachers wasting your time. 

  • Full attention. 

  • To learn from a working actor who has been in front of all of the casting directors in town and who has worked at all the studios.

  • To learn current audition techniques: what its like to go to producers, test, be on set and network! 

  • To be trained in mock auditions, life on set, as well as cold and frozen reads.

  • To be taped every session and be able to watch and critique your own work.

  • To go much deeper than you ever gone, working with material from current TV shows, films and theatre. 

  • To stand out in auditions and book!

  • To be energized, refreshed and excited to be and actor!

  • To go out there and leave it all in the room, every time!!


What is the cost?

  • 1/2 hour................................................$50

  • 1 hour...................................................$90

  • Full audition on tape service...............$120

  • Book more than 4 appointments a month?

    • $10 off each additional session.

  • On set coaching?

    • Driving time will be included at a discounted rate depending on how far the location.


What is Todd Cahoon's philosophy?

  • As and actor, director, and coach, it is my job to find how I, personally, connect to the material.

  • Not how I think someone else thinks I should connect (i.e. the teacher, casting director, or director), not how Marlon Brando, Robert Di Niro, Meryl Steep, Brad Pitt, or Angelini Jo Lee would connect to it, HOW I CONNECT TO IT!  

  • This is the most important thing about acting: comprehension.  If you don't understand what you are saying and why you are saying it, and, more importantly, if you don't feel what you are saying, then you and your audience will not be satisfied with your performance.  You will leave the class, stage, the room, the set, frustrated and unfulfilled.  

  • Most actors just run around and either connect to things or don't.  They are like Babe Ruth, they either hit home runs or strike out.  They may know how to do the acting work, but they could still be having trouble connecting and understanding the character and material they are wanting to play.

  • This is where I come in.  I have worked with some of the greatest teachers and studied the greatest methods of acting (Meisner, Stanislofsky, Adler, Margie Haber, Ivana Chubbuck, Lesly Kahn, etc).  However, sometimes we need to go deeper.  Why?  Because we, as humans, all have emotional blocks.  Blocks that can keep us from fully experiencing a character and the freedom and joy that goes along with being and living in the flow!

  • Acting can be very much like therapy.  As children we all go through traumatic things growing up and sometimes our bodies just don't want to recreate old feelings and open up old wounds.  

  • I have learned several techniques, even beyond acting classes and methods, to help you get passed old blocks and get you back in touch with your true emotion.   When you do this you can fully connect to the part and be of true service to yourself, your calling and to other people. 

  • Through this practice, you will not only become a deeper, more honest and capable actor, your work will feel free.  There will be a peace and ease around your work and when that happens, you will book more, work more and play more!  Consequently, you will also become a better person.

  • When you practice getting to the truth of things, your life will automatically get better.  The truth will set you free.  

  • "You can stop acting and start living, truthfully, under imaginary circumstances."                 - Sanford Meisner 


What we will go over in sessions?

  • Auditions:

    • ​Who are you playing?

    • Who are you going in for?

    • What the casting director, studio and room will be like once you get there.

    • How to pre-pare for the scenes.

    • What to do with the time you have until the audition.

    • What you will need to bring.

    • What to do in the car ride over.

    • What to do in the waiting room.

    • Whether or not you should learn the lines - at least the first three & monologues!

    • Techniques you can use to learn how to cold and even frozen read!

    • What to do before you walk in.

    • What to do as you walk in and greet the room.

    • What to do before you begin your performance.

    • Your performance.

    • How to say good-bye.

    • What to do before you leave the audition, in your car.

  • ​The Work:

    • ​How to prepare.

    • Reading and re-reading the material, writing down emotional "hits".

    • Finding the major emotional connection to the material - the "WHY" you are doing this and how it personally connects to you!

    • Finding the personal drive, or need, want, desire!

    • Discovering the obstacles in the material.

    • Exploring the point of views you might have on the other characters and how they make you feel, personally!!

    • Where are you coming from?

    • What do you expect?

    • Emotional preparation:

      • Find it at the end of the scene, or material.

      • Connect it to your WHY, or the major emotional connection of the scene or material.

      • Learn how to focus on the emotional prep and let it go before you start a scene.

    • Learn how to bring a secret into a scene.

    • Learn what an intrinsic circumstance means, and how that tool might jumpstart your opening.

    • Character work.

    • Wardrobe. 

    • Letting go.

    • Deep listening.

    • Staying focused.

    • Listing to your impulses.

    • Simplifying it all through practice! 

  • The Business:

    • Getting agents & managers.

    • Creating a reel.

    • Student Films and casting houses.

    • Classes.

    • Networking and casting director workshops.

    • Showing up on set.

    • Contracts and residuals.


    • Unemployment income.

    • Websites.

    • Social Media.

    • IMDB and other websites.

    • Promoting yourself: mailers and such.

    • Working on your own projects.

    • Choosing the people you want to work with and going for it!


What his students say?

  • " I like to come prepared when I work with Todd.  Yet, no matter how many ways I've looked at a scene, Todd will always find a new and unique way to approach it.  It becomes a collaborative effort.  It's the only reason I can think to work with someone on a creative process.  He brings more to an audition than what I could have brought on my own."  -- Jeffrey Vincent Parise

  • "It's been my privilege to have Todd as an acting partner for over a decade and to have received countless sessions of invaluable coaching. Todd can perform at the level that he teaches and his perspective is born from a spot-on, real-world, current understanding of how to deliver a standout audition. I know few people as in tune with what an actor needs to be at his finest.  He will empower you to compete like only the best of the best can -- and trust me, I've worked with a lot of coaches!"  -- Ben Tolpin

  • “Todd has encouraged me and nurtured me from the start of my acting adventure. He has helped me face my fears and find my strengths in each script we work on. I could not ask for a better coach than Todd. His varied and personalized approach has helped me land my first feature film (quickly) and find my voice in this world of acting. He addresses not only the craft/skill but also who you are within it.”  -- Autumn Kendrick

  • “Smart, incredibly generous, genuine, intuitive, he cares so much about his students, the list goes on. Todd has been nothing but a blessing in my life both personally and professionally. Todd is an incredibly gifted and talented actor and teacher. Working with Todd and the technique he teaches has opened me up in so many ways. Todd gets you to a place where you are free to play and live as the character. You will learn to be open, creative, listen and react truthfully in the moment and I guarantee you will have breakthroughs.”  -- Johnny Sark



Where is Todd Cahoon's studio?

  • Sessions are held in clean, safe, comfortable and contemporary professional studio.

  • The studio is located in Central Los Angles, Hancock Park, so it is easily accessible and not to far from anyone in the city!

  • The studio is in a very safe neighborhood with free street parking!

  • 623 S Arden Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90005

  • Need directions?

    • Map below


Skype Sessions?

  • Are you on set or doing stage in New York?  Filming in Canada, Europe, or Louisiana?  Or did you get a last minute audition and can’t drive here and make it to you opponent on time? 

  • I’m in Los Angeles but work with clients from all over via Skype!


Set Coaching?

  • I am also avail to coach on set within a 30 mile radius of Los Angeles.  Prices will be adjusted do to time and travel.



Why work with Todd Cahoon?

  • Are you tired of going up maybe once in a class full of actors and teachers who aren’t working?

    • I have studied the same methods. 

    • I have worked with all the same teachers. 

    • The only difference is that I’m working when they gave up on their careers a long time ago.

  • Are you tired of not working?

    • I practice what I preach and I work. 

    • When you work with a working actor you can get all of the in’s and out’s on how to build and sustain a real career!

  • Are you already working but feeling empty, lost or like you’re just phoning it in?

    • Let me help you re-connect to the reason why you were called to act from the very beginning.

    • I promise you will never get boarded again! 

    • With the combinations of educational, professional and life work I have learned, I can teach you how to approach your work for the first time, every time!  

  • Feel great about auditions and book jobs:

    • Releasing the fear and tension in your work.

    • Auditions can be a lot easier and more fulfilling when you know what to do and how to do it.

    • Wow a casting director, directors and producers and build lasting careers!

    • Even my new actors are booking!




Interested in working together?

  • I’m in Los angeles but offer Skype lessons as an option.

  • Contact me for any further questions:

  • Still have questions?

    • I am happy to provide a free initial consultation

    • Call me today!

    • Send me an email



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1 hour Session


1 Audtion on Tape Service


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